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Post by Admin on January 6th 2016, 15:58

Here are the guidelines of this forum, which will help you to understand, how the forum works.

Forum has many sections and each section has a a category with description. This description includes the information of the purpose of the category. Some sections have limited access, and most are not public sections.

Please, use sections for their meant purpose.

Sometimes you may have failed to fully understand the purpose of the section and you find your topic missing from that section. It will not be deleted (if it does not break any forum rules), but it will be simply placed in some other section, which will suit it more.

Please, before posting, read and understand the forum rules.

The forum is on holiday?
This means that the forum is temporarily closed.

The forum is closed due to maintenance?
this means that the access to the forum is temporarily denied, while the forum maintenance is in progress.

Your registration has been denied?
You may not be a member of the guild "Sacred Light" or you have not provided your main character in-game name.

For any other information, please, consult F.A.Q. or contact an administrator.

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